Questions and Answers

1. How is Picture Grammar useful for dyslexics?

Dyslexics tend to think in pictures. When reading they understand text mainly from the nouns they see in the text. Nouns are words that represent things that can be identified easily and often experienced directly. Nouns are usually easy to picture.

Other words like sight words or functional words or those with abstract meanings are a ‘blank’ for a dyslexic.
Do you have a picture of the meaning of the word ‘as’?

The ‘blanks’ cause confusion.  When a person is confused they will make a mistake. They may misread the word; they may guess. Mistakes in reading result in inaccurate comprehension. To reduce mistakes and improve comprehension Picture Grammar gives pictures of meaning for common functional words.

Often the functional words have more than one meaning.  Picture Grammar has created pictures for each of the meanings of a word. Being able to a) be aware that one word can have multiple meanings and b) be able to see the meaning visually will help dyslexics improve their comprehension.

2. How is Picture grammar useful for ESL students?

Using Picture Grammar as a dictionary by ESL students will provide an easy way of having examples of how the functional words are used in English.

3. What does Picture Grammar raise money for?

The money from purchasing access to Picture Grammar goes to the Gifts for Dyslexia charity which gives bursaries to fund a Davis programme for Dyslexia, Maths, ADHD or Autism

3.  How do you turn off the automatic voice?

The speech bubble icon on the front page is the on/off button for the automatic voice.  When there is no speech bubble there is no voice.

4.  How do I get back to the main page without using the ‘back’ button?

Use the PG icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. This icon will be seen when you come to the end of the chain of links.

5.  Are there written definitions of the words as well as pictures of the meaning.

Yes! If you click on each picture of meaning seen on the word page it will take you to a written definition and a spoken example sentence that demonstrates that particular meaning of the word.

6. How can you hear the example sentence if the automatic voice is turned off?

There is a loudspeaker icon on each page which will turn on the sound for that page.

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